This last weekend was filled with photography!

Saturday started with a class all about learning the camera and moving away from “Auto” modes.

Then, in the afternoon, we had a great time learning how to “find the light” outdoors, with Mina as our model.

And finally on Sunday, our Natural Light Photowalk was a lot of fun, with Angelica, Angel, Ann-Marie, Jack, Jiselle and Samantha modelling for us. Thank you all for attending!

And a special thanks to my assistants Will and Izzy, 8Elite Models, Agency888 and Ted’s Cameras.

We have another Natural Light Photowalk coming in August, and a Studio Workshop end of July. Make sure you secure your spot! For online photography education, please subscribe to my Patreon.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Natural Light Workshop:

Natural Light Photowalk:

BTS (footage by Demi):